What is the payments method?

The payment could be through a transaction on PAYPAL platform to guarantee security. For people without PAYPAL there’s the possibility to proceed with the payment properly, with any and usual credit card (PREPAID ALSO, BUT IT MUST BE REGISTRERED ON PAYPAL). It is sufficient to specify the preference to proceed with credit card and not PAYPAL and so, the platform PAYPAL can be used to pay with your card. MAT ACADEMY will not use your card numbers, never, preserving your high security.

Can I repeat the course? How many times?

The course will be forever yours. You can repeat it whenever you want.

What is the sequencer used in the course?
The course will be held in ABLETON LIVE but, being the course focused on the production techniques and not on  specific DAW techniques, it is possible to follow it efficiently with any sequencer.  

Should you know ABLETON LIVE?

NO. The explanation of these techniques will be seen through ABLETON LIVE, and they’ll analyze most of its functions. IMPORTANT: every technique can be applied on every DAW, but if you don’t know ABLETON LIVE, NO PROBLEM because, included in the price, you’ll have an ABLETON MASTER CLASS as well.

Can I buy just one lesson?

No. Our course is structured with a right and specific flow, studied with sound engeneers, conservatory teachers, important A&Rs and important people of the musical industry to guide the student through a techniques and processes’ flow, to knowledge on fundamental aspects to produce high quality’s works from zero.

The Track that Ill propose at the end of the course, will it be 100% released on a partner label?  
The decision is up to the A&R of our partner labels: they’ll consider if the track could be suitable and optimal for their recording market. For all of TALENT POOL partecipants we guarantee the direct access to labels.

Can I interact with teachers?
YES. Our tutors and master teachers will be at your disposal through the Forum on every lesson. They will review every your question or doubt. Our teachers will give detailed and elaborated replies making this course the only one with a complete, detailed and elaborated Academy with lesson-by-lesson dedicated tutoring.

Do Videos have copyright?
Every video has COPYRIGHT. Only students have exclusive access to the “material”. Moreover, every video is branded with USER ID, date and hour to guarantee the exclusivity of the learning process.

Must I have a WEBCAM?
No, the student can follow the course in a regular way and he can interact thanks to FORUM for every request.

Must I have a BROAD-BAND HIGH SPEED Connection?
No, the videos are on-streaming and through a specific platform, and so, it is sufficient to have a normal broadband connection. Every video is encrypted with a specific algorithm that minimize the band needed. Moreover, they are in variable bit rate so you can adapt the viewing experience to any speed of your system.

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